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About Yap Fish.com
YapFish.com is tool for customers to search for businesses, read reviews, leave feedback, download coupons, upload pictures & videos, check upcoming events, etc, etc.
Business can use Yapfish.com for researching business, see what other business are offering, find a company that you did not know existed, or search for new vendor.
Yapfish.com is the brain child of Robert Stone in 2009. Frustrated with the other social business search sights. Rob worked for years coming up with better ideas for a website.
Better ways to seek out companies. More creative ways to search for business. More information then the competition, without being a cluttered up webpage of chaos. Things are just getting started around here, so please excuse all the little bugs, bleeps, freezing, restart and misshapes. This is just the tip of iceberg so to speak.
If the near future, or now, you will see things like :

- Color coded feedback from members, non-members, business owners and admins.

- Be able to search for a business by typing in a phone number.

- Be able to search for a business by typing in a website address.

- Having a built-in self-policing society that monitors reviews and information.

- Be able to click on a business licence to see if they are legitimate.

- Direct links to the BBB, Open Table, etc.

- An internal email system for businesses to contact, send you coupons, respond to complaints, etc.

- Save and play videos as well and pictures.

- Expandable and retractable text fields to save screen space.

- Selectable preferences for searching or making the website conform to your needs.

I don't want to tell you all our future secrets because our competition is probably reading this now and thinking of taking our hard work and incorporating it into their system.
I personally thank you using YapFish.com
Robert Stone
Founder / CEO