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I have an Idea for YapFish.com

First, I would like to thank you for letting YapFish.com be apart of your life.


Second, I'm glad that you are willing to take the time to suggest improvements.


When sending up suggestions please be as specific and precise as you can. We get suggestions all the time that are very vague, like: "I don't like your landing page." Please be more detailed.


Try these examples that worked:


A).....I'm a business owner and member...On the Coupon Edit page, could you change the expiration sections to include a check box that reads: "[ ] Never expire" included with the expiration calendar. That way I don't have to keep changing the expire date. Because, I do not want it to expire sometimes. Thanks, R.L.S.


B).....I've been a member for a while and would like to be able to click on Yapfish Thumbs Down icon for a review that I do not believe is accurate or I did not like the grade given because it only reflects upon one employee that the reviewer did not have a good experience with and graded the whole company as a "D-" ??? That's horse pucky....pardon the language. Thanks, S.M.A.


Email us at : wishlist@YapFish.com